General transport information


Cannes is located on the southern coast of France, in the heart of the French Riviera, about 1000 km from Paris.


Cannes can be reached:


  • By plane
    • Using the Nice Airport (30 min from Cannes). Nice Airport is the second busiest in France, with direct flights from most major European cities (using flagcarriers or low-cost airlines). Direct flights are also available from certain intercontinental destinations, such as NYC etc.
    • For those flying through Paris, there are domestic flights between Nice and Paris virtually every 20 minutes, using either Air France or Easy Jet (1h30 min flight).
    • From Nice Airport, the best way is to take an express bus to downtown Cannes, or if budget allows, a cab (negotiated rate -see below). Plenty of car rental companies can also be found at Nice Airport (limited parking will be available at the conference hotel).
  • By train
    • If you are going via Paris, Cannes can be reached from there using TGV (high speed train). The ride is about 5 hours. Book your ticket on line on
    • If you plan on commuting from Nice to Cannes with the train, it can be done easily (30 min ride).
  • By Car
    • For those interested in discovering France by car, it is possible to cross the country from say, Paris, in about 10 hours (not counting for any stop, and using fairly expensing freeways). Count 2 days for a more enjoyable journey.



More bus and taxi (negotiated rate) information




There is a convenient bus connection, direct via the freeway,  between the Nice airport and the Cannes train station (15 minutes walk from the workshop hotel). There are departures from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (Platform 3 at either terminal).

For the schedule, see:

Prices and schedule also at{8790B106-13FA-480E-8751-2C189CCDAFFC}

Rate: one way: 12.9€, roundtrip: 21€



CAUTION: The express bus operates only during the day until 8pm (see above). In the evening, other non-express bus lines operates but these follow local routes and take up to 90min. We recommend the taxi instead.


Negociated taxi service:


A fixed rate service between the Nice airport and Cannes has been arranged for SPAWC participants:

- by car (1 to 5 passengers): 65€

- by minibus (6 to 8 passengers): 75€ per minibus

Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Reservations can be made:

- by sending an email to

- by fax to +33 4 9299 0537

- by telephone to +33 4 92 99 0539

- on the internet at

CAUTION:  on the line "company", please fill in "SPAWC06"

Payment can be made in cash, by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), either upon reservation or upon arrival in Cannes. You will be able to reserve your return trip with the driver if you like.

Do not forget on your reservation to mention your full information:


* Flight number. terminal and arrival time.

* Number of passengers and their names